“American RX is a first of its kind Prescription Drug Patient Assistance Program. We have researched and cataloged over 6000 medicines.
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Patient Assistance Program

Patient Assistance Programs are designed to help people who are struggling to afford their medications. Benefits Include:

Reduced medication costs: These programs can significantly reduce or even eliminate the cost of your prescription drugs.

No complicated paperwork: The application process is usually simple and straightforward, we will need to ask you a couple of questions to see if you qualify.

We have over 6,000 medications, so it is likely that the drugs you need will be included.

Check if you Qualify: Answer the few questions below

Income Qualification Chart 2023-3

Household SizeMaximum Allowable Income
Good news your income is very likely to qualify, please type medication below and continue with the application.
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We are sorry, based on your income, at this time you do not qualify for prescription assistance.
Please check our other two savings programs.

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